Computer Rentals

Hi-Tech now offers a full spectrum of networking services and solutions that includes:

  • Network Design and Layout
  • We can walk through your site and offer design solutions to achieve the greatest efficiency and productivity.

  • Systems Setup, Installation & Configuration
  • We can assist in selecting the right hardware, cabling and equipment to arrive at an ideal setup solution at a budget-friendly price.

  • Customized Firewall Security
  • Protect your valuable work from any potential outside hacking by utilizing specialized firewall protection for your entire system.

  • Inter-office Email
  • We can help to enhance your inter-office productivity by setting up a customized inter-office email system for fast communication.

  • Support & Maintenance
  • We stand behind our work & solutions.

  • Internet Solutions
  • We can help get your entire network connected up to the internet via a high-speed DSL, T1 or cable line. We have special relations with a DSL provider and can get a line setup for you in a fraction of the time a normal signup procedure would take.

  • Customized Servers & Rack/Equipment Mounting
  • We can build servers on a customized basis for your specific needs. We can also provide rack installation, patch bays, cabinets, etc. for all your networking peripheral equipment.

  • Special Discounts
  • Are available for those who also rent computer equipment and peripherals from Hi-Tech.

  • Referral Bonus
  • You can receive an automatic payment from Hi-Tech for any customer referred to us who purchases networking services or rents equipment.

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